Swiss App Awards 2013, February 07., Zurich, Switzerland


The Swiss App Awards is one of the first award events in Europe dedicated only to apps – and the first in Switzerland. The Swiss App Awards ceremony was held for the first time in March 2012 and due to the very positive response from award candidates, sponsors, participants, app users, and the media Swiss App Awards have come to stay – and to grow.

With more than 60 award candidates, 200 participants at the ceremony, and an international expert jury to ensure a professional and neutral evaluation of the apps Trifork aims for Swiss App Awards to set a significant mark on the app landscape in Switzerland. An event to generate talk, engagement, discussion, and to grow and strengthen the app business area for the benefit of app development companies, app users, IT integrators, mobile operators, handset providers, and the industries where apps make a significant different in changing the business landscape – every day.