Swiss App Awards 2013, February 07., Zurich, Switzerland

With respect to incoming submissions, we would like to inform that the Swiss App Award will not be held in 2014.   

Easy submission to Swiss App Awards 2013

Do you have the best app in your field? Innovative business idea, good design, and high functionality? Then do not hesitate to submit it for the Swiss App Awards 2013.

Easy submission to Swiss App Awards 2013

Submission ended January 20 2013

The submission process is simple: Click the link below and answer a few questions on your app in the online submission form. If needed we will get back to you for additional information. And then your app is ready to be evaluated.

First the apps submitted will be limited to a group of nominees. These nominees will be tested for their business idea, design, and functionality by an international jury of experts. All nominees are evaluated within their submission category and across categories.

The winners will be announced on February 7 2013 at The Swiss App Awards 2013 in Zurich.

Who can participate?

Apps made for all smartphones and tablets can be submitted. The apps need to comply with the following rules. They should:

  • Be owned by a Swiss entity
  • Have been updated in 2012
  • Have been in stores before the end of 2012
  • Exception: The Enterprise App does not need to have been in stores since these apps are often used internally in companies.

For the Tablet Award the following platform criteria applies:

  • iOS: dedicated iPad Apps
  • Android: Apps with screen size >7'
  • Windows: Window 8 Store Tablet Apps