Swiss App Awards 2013, February 07., Zurich, Switzerland


The nominees will be listed under the categories they have been submitted under. The categories reflect what you normally find in app stores.

Games & Entertainment

This all-time popular category covers games and entertainment apps ranges from adventure and role play to puzzles, and casino games.

Promotion & Advertising

New product on the market? Cool discounts and limited promotions? This is where you find marketing that makes a difference for mobile users.

Finance & Business

Apps are new indismissable tools for business and productivity and cover the range from mobile banking, to financial consulting, and time management.

Retail & E-Commerce

E-commerce on apps covers all thinkable products and are especially strong where visual interaction and speed makes a difference.

Sport & Lifestyle

For going out to sports or an evening out, an app can be the perfect companion. The app can bring us close to both the latest goal and the hottest spot in town.

Reading & News

Updated on the latest news on your mobile? Whether you want more in-depth information or a quick news update, apps are often where we get the latest fastest.

Travel & Leisure

With an app for flight tickets, hotels, and a guide to your destination we never have to go near a laptop - nor a travel agency - to book our dream destination.

Health & Fitness

Apps are our new training partners whether it is running, hiking, skiing or a yoga exercise. Track-your-training, recipies and health advice complete the range of health aoos.

Science & Education

It all started with the mobile dictionaries but now universities, courses, and online slef-studies have their own apps and bring knowledge at the tap of a finger.